- Composite fibre shell with high carbon content
- Original diamond-shaped design with stiffening ribs
- Built-in visor with adjustable length thanks to its special sliding flap
- Complete ventilation system with excellent heat dissipation - Composite fibre shell with high carbon content- Original diamond-shaped design with stiffening ribs- Built-in visor with adjustable length thanks to its special sliding flap- Complete ventilation system with excellent heat dissipation thanks to the rear extractors- Multi-density multilayer interior with inner oscillating shell- Fully designed and manufactured in ItalyDiamond is the innovative, revolutionary helmet developed by UFO PLAST engineers, created after long and careful search aimed at achieving the highest level of protection and comfort, using the most advanced technologies and materials to protect and make off-road driving more comfortable.DCS - Diamond Concept ShellThe outer Diamond shell and its original "diamond" design, studied to optimise shell design to maximise shock absorption and dissipation, has been built using the latest technology and is made up of a high percentage of Carbon (over 60%) and Aramid fibre to maximise performance and minimise weight.RIAS - Rotation Impact Absorbing System is the revolutionary Diamond helmet technology: In addition to dissipating compression-absorbing shocks like traditional helmets (linear impact), the helmet structure combines innovative technology that dissipates the energy associated with rotational acceleration (rotational impact), reducing tension and providing additional protection for some types of impact. This is all possible thanks to the combined work of the different layers of material used: The main inner shell in high density EPS is characterised by a very compact, rigid outer surface (in contact with the outer shell). The inner surface has large grooves that offer a dual function: they provide greater airflow and differentiate impact force dissipation, effectively as if the main layer had two different densities. Inner oscillating shell, consisting of low density polypropylene foam (PPE) to provide gradual absorption, was designed to rotate inside the helmet, working in conjunction with the Main inner shell. This system enables multi-directional sliding that also dissipates the energy associated with rotational acceleration, so as to improve protection in case of rotational impact.LEAS - Limited Extension Anti ShockThe Diamond Helmet is also equipped with foam protections. One of these is located at the bottom of the chin-rest, and the other at the back at the base of the neck. This advanced protection system represents an important advance in the containment of the front and back neck flexion and in impact dissipation in the event of a fall. This system can work in conjunction with modern neck braces.SVS - Sliding Visor SystemUFO PLAST has also designed an exclusive visor adjustment system, incorporating a sliding flap in the middle that adjusts the length of the visor even when moving.The Diamond Helmet is also equipped with a complex AES - Airflow Extraction System ventilation system: at the top front, under the visor, there are three large air vents which, in conjunction with the other 4 slots underneath the facial foam, convey fresh air directly into the shell. The EPS interior is channelled for perfect airflow distribution that is conveyed and extracted by four large extractors positioned at the back of the shell: two at the top and two at the bottom. This system guarantees perfect air extraction and excellent heat dissipation.The Diamond Helmet is fully removable for easier maintenance and cleaning: all components are fixed with Torx imprint aluminium screws (T8).The interior, mounted on the helmet by means of snaps, is made of premium, breathable materials and offers excellent comfort. The inner padding is easy to disassemble and fully removable for washing and to ensure perfect hygiene.ECPR - Emergency Cheek Pads RemovingCheek pads are also equipped with a Quick removal system in case of emergency. This allows users to remove cheek pads with the helmet still on, allowing for easier helmet removal in the event of an accident.Latching systemDiamond helmets are equipped with a chin-strap closing system with double D closure in anodised aluminium with 25 mm tubular band complete with magnetic hooking closing button. The closing band also offers comfortable, adjustable length padding.Magnetic closure

UFO Diamond Matsort-Rød-Hvit

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